The New Augmented Reality Experience From Colgate®

Colgate® Magik is the first augmented reality app-enabled manual kids toothbrush from Colgate®.



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A FUN way to Teach & Empower your kids to brush better on their own

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Your children can win masks and unlock new worlds as they learn to brush

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Monitor daily progress with the parental dashboard


Colgate® Magik is the first app-enabled manual toothbrush from Colgate®, designed specifically for children.


Keep an eye on your child's progress via the parental dashboard: you'll now know if and how well they brushed, all while helping them unlock new worlds!


Features an augmented reality-based brushing app to help children learn how to effectively brush their teeth and develop a lifelong good habit while having fun.


Unlock rewards such as new masks and worlds (levels) with good brushing.

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