Extreme tooth sensitivity

It's common for hot and cold foods to trigger tooth sensitivity, but if you have excessive pain – you may have extremely sensitive teeth caused by another dental issue. Only your dentist will be able to determine the cause and discuss appropriate treatment with you.


What is tooth sensitivity?

The crowns, or the part of the teeth above your gumline, are covered with a layer of protective enamel, while the roots below your gumline are protected with a material called cementum. Underneath the enamel and cementum is dentine, which is less dense than the protective coverings. The dentine contains microscopic canals called dentine tubules, and when enamel or cementum wears away or becomes damaged, it exposes the dentine. When your gums recede and expose the dentine, the tubules allow fluid to flow in them and are affected by heat and cold causing the nerves in the tooth to cause you tooth pain.

In-office treatment

Because extremely sensitive teeth are frequently caused by a more complex dental problem, it's important to see a dentist and have the issue treated directly. This may involve a filling, crown, inlay or other restoration, depending on the problem.

If you have persistent and severe sensitivity pain, see your dentist to find out the cause.

At-home care

Your dentist may recommend that you use a desensitising toothpaste to provide relief from the pain of sensitivity. Products such as Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief™ contain ingredients that help to block the channels that lead to sensitivity. Your dentist might also recommend further treatments, so discuss your symptoms with him or her.

How does Pro-Argin® Technology work?

Pro-Argin® Technology is designed to provide instant and lasting relief for dentine hypersensitivity.

Schematic illustration of Pro-Argin® mode of action.
For instant relief, apply directly to each sensitive tooth with fingertip and gently massage for 1 minute. For lasting relief, apply to a gentle toothbrush making sure to brush all sensitive areas, brush twice daily.


Pro-Argin® Technology


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For instant relief, apply directly to sensitive tooth with fingertip for one minute. For lasting relief, brush twice daily.
†Repairs with twice daily brushing to block the channels leading to sensitive teeth.