Keep your smile bright, fresh, and protected.

Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief™

Keep your smile bright, fresh, and protected.
Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief

About Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief™

Where does sensitive tooth pain come from?

Receding gums and damage to your enamel can expose thousands of microscopic channels which lead to your tooth’s nerve centre. When your teeth make contact with something hot, cold or sweet, sensations are carried down these nerve channels directly to the nerves, causing teeth pain.


How does Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief work for sensitive teeth?

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief sensitive toothpaste has an exclusive Pro-Argin formula with technology to provide sensitivity relief. It works by plugging the channels that lead to sensitive tooth nerves, to block the pain. With regular use, it builds a long-lasting protective barrier that acts like a seal against sensitivity.

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Sydney, NSW

"Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, it's great, it's opened up a whole world of calories to me!"

How does Pro-Argin® Technology work?

Pro-Argin® Technology is designed to provide instant and lasting relief for dentine hypersensitivity.

Schematic illustration of Pro-Argin® mode of action.
For instant relief, apply directly to each sensitive tooth with fingertip and gently massage for 1 minute. For lasting relief, apply to a gentle toothbrush making sure to brush all sensitive areas, brush twice daily.

How does Pro-Argin® Technology work?


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  • FACT #6

    Fact #6

    Acidic drinks erode tooth enamel over time and can contribute to sensitivity.

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