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Peppa Pig

HOORAY! Brush Like Peppa Pig

For ages 2-5

Our specially designed Peppa Pig kids toothpaste and kids toothbrush helps make fighting cavities fun. Brush along with Peppa and George!

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Come Brush With Minions!

For kids aged 6+

Brush along with your favourite Minions characters, with our complete Minions oral care range. Specially designed for your child who has a combination of baby teeth and adult teeth, Minions help them take control of their brushing so they can brush happy!

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Barbie and Batman

Make Brushing Fun With Barbie & Batman!

For kids aged 3+

It’s time to help your child master their brushing skills so they develop healthy habits for life. With Barbie and Batman’s help, let’s turn brushing battles into a breeze with their battery-powered kids electric toothbrushes.

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Looking for fun and interactive ways to teach children about oral health?

Head to to learn about our Bright Smiles, Bright Futures™ program, and get access to educational materials, games and activities. Together, we can help children's smiles last a lifetime!

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Multi-benefit toothpastes for whole mouth care


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Toothbrushes designed for every type of smile


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Mouthwashes to fight germs, freshen breath, and more


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