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How do Colgate Mouthwashes Work?

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Colgate® mouthwashes are uniquely designed to amplify the benefits of brushing. When used together, a toothbrushing and mouthwash system expands the potential for oral care. When a person brushes with toothpaste twice a day, powerful active ingredients like fluoride help prevent common problems such as cavities.

Essentially, Colgate® mouthwashes have three aspects that benefit your mouth: they deliver more active ingredients to the mouth, there is less dilution during use, and more ingredients are left behind.

More active ingredients

By adding mouthwash to your daily oral hygiene routine, you get an extra dose of key ingredients that can help prevent tooth decay, reduce stains or freshen breath.

Less dilution

Unlike a toothpaste, when you use a mouthwash there is less dilution during use from saliva. This maintains a higher concentration of key ingredients during use.

More ingredients are left behind

Lastly, and most critically, because you do not rinse your mouth with water after using mouthwash, key ingredients are left behind to keep working long after use.



Mouthwashes and Mouth Rinses

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