The Colgate, NZDA And Plunket Partnership

The Colgate, NZDA And Plunket Partnership

Colgate, with the support of the New Zealand Dental Association, has been a proud partner of Plunket since 2007. Plunket is a charitable trust that offers free parenting information and support as well as promoting and advocating for the health and development of children under 5. The goal of this three way partnership is to improve the oral health of New Zealand children and help families establish good oral health habits from the time the first baby tooth comes through.

This partnership enables Colgate to help 70,000 New Zealand families every year through the donation of a soft small headed toothbrush and full strength fluoride toothpaste. Every Plunket baby receives these at their 5 month visit and B4 School check.

It is at these checks that Plunket nurses are able to educate parents and their children on the six simple steps they can take together for good oral health:

  • Start brushing your child’s teeth from when their first tooth comes through
  • Brush your child’s teeth twice a day
  • Use fluoride toothpaste, only a smear on a soft brush
  • Choose healthy foods and drinks, not soft drinks or sugary snacks
  • Lift your child’s lip every month to check for signs of tooth decay
  • Enrol your child at a dental clinic and have regular dental check-ups

The continued support of this 3-way partnership will allow Colgate to ensure Kiwi kids have happy smiles and healthy teeth for life.

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