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Tooth Fairy Letter Ideas: Make It Something To Remember

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As a parent, you know there are a few special moments that your child really looks forward to, and losing a first tooth is at the top of the list. The magical stories of a little tooth fairy taking away the newly lost tooth and leaving money in exchange for it makes children happy. It is also a milestone that many parents treasure. Your child's first tooth is saved in the memory book right next to the clippings from the first haircut. Use these tooth fairy letter ideas to make your child's first tooth fairy visit something to remember.

Glitter and Gold

What child doesn't like things that sparkle? Draft a simple letter that thanks the child for the tooth. Include some fun background information about the tooth fairy and her distant fairy land. Decorate the letter with glitter glue in your child's favorite colour and throw some loose glitter in the letter before you fold it. There are a lot of tooth fairy letters free online that you can use as guide to get you started.

Have Your Child Write a Letter to the Tooth Fairy

Help your child write a letter to the tooth fairy. If your child has not mastered that skill yet, you can do the writing while he or she tells you what to write to the tooth fairy. Allow your child to add the finishing touches to the letter by signing his or her name or colouring the letter. Place the letter in the envelope under your child's pillow with the missing tooth. Leave a response to the letter your child wrote, they will love a letter from the Tooth Fairy. The letter and the tooth will make a wonderful keepsake for your childhood memory book.

Make a magical moment a magical memory for your child. Get as creative as possible and find a way to incorporate the importance of good dental hygiene into the experience. After all, the tooth fairy leaves extra special surprises for little teeth that are cavity-free. Learn more about oral care for your infants and children in the Colgate Oral Care resources.

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