Colgate® Soft Interdental Brush & Pick – 2 in 1

Colgate Soft Interdental Brush & Pick – 2 in 1 cleaning for improved mouth health.


With proper use the Colgate Soft Interdental Brush & Picks help promote gum health and prevent plaque build up in the interdental space.


  • Soft flexible metal free brush to effectively clean the interdental space

  • Handy tooth pick to remove food debris

  • Includes travel case for hygienic storage

  • 40 Brush & Picks per pack

  • How to Use:

    Clean interdental spaces thoroughly before brushing:

    Brush: Gripping the handle firmly, insert the brush end into the interdental space and clean with 3-4 gentle forward and backward movements

    Pick: Using the pick end, gently scrape away food debris

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