Colgate Total has been the trusted choice for healthy teeth and gums for more than 20 years. Worldwide, it’s the brand recommended most by dentists.

Colgate Total toothpaste is uniquely formulated with 0.3% of the antibacterial ingredient triclosan to fight harmful plaque germs, which are the cause of most common oral health problems.

There are more published, peer-reviewed clinical studies of Colgate Total than of any other toothpaste in the world. The efficacy and safety of Colgate Total is supported by more than 90 clinical studies, involving over 20,000 people, and a broad set of safety evaluations. Our research has been shared with regulatory agencies around the world who have accepted triclosan’s safe and effective use in toothpaste.

Colgate Total is clinically proven to work better than other toothpastes in reducing the germs that can cause gum disease. It is clinically proven to provide 12-hour protection against plaque germs that can lead to gingivitis, an early form of gum disease. Plaque and gingivitis, if unchecked, can progress to periodontitis, a more serious and damaging stage of infection that can result in tooth and bone loss. The most recent National Survey of Adult Oral Health indicates that 20% of Australian adults suffer from gingivitis and 23% of Australian adults have moderate or serious periodontal disease. The most recent NZ Ministry of Health Oral Health Survey found 1 in 3 (33.5%) New Zealand adults have periodontitis.

Brushing with regular fluoride toothpaste does not provide the antibacterial protection of Colgate Total toothpaste. On the US FDA’s website, updated as of 2 September, 2016, the FDA states as follows regarding Colgate Total toothpaste: "For some consumer products, there is evidence that triclosan provides a benefit." The FDA notes that it has “reviewed extensive effectiveness data on triclosan in Colgate Total toothpaste" and that the "evidence showed that triclosan in that product was effective in preventing gingivitis."

Additionally, only Colgate Total toothpaste provides both antibacterial protection and direct antiinflammatory action, which is notable given the importance of good oral health and the emerging scientific research associating oral health with overall health.

A thorough independent review was conducted and published by the Cochrane Oral Health Group on the oral health benefits of triclosan/copolymer, the active antibacterial system in Colgate Total toothpaste. The Cochrane Review evaluated 30 studies dating from 1990 to 2012 and involving 14,835 participants (Riley & Lamont 2013). The resulting data highlighted the many clinical benefits of using a fluoride toothpaste containing triclosan/copolymer and concluded there was no evidence of any harmful effects associated with the use of triclosan/copolymer toothpastes in studies up to three years in duration. Among other things, the Cochrane Review found that after six or more months of use, fluoride toothpaste containing triclosan/copolymer provided:

  • 22% reduction in plaque and gingivitis as compared with traditional fluoride toothpaste
  • 41% reduction in plaque severity as compared with traditional fluoride toothpaste
  • 48% reduction in gum bleeding as compared with traditional fluoride toothpaste

View the full text of the Cochrane Review

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