New Palmolive Naturals – Naturally Yours

New Palmolive Naturals - for natural, beautiful hair.

Curly, shiny, dead straight, high maintenance, low maintenance, blonde, actually blonde,thick...Healthy. Natural.

9 out of 10 women said they would buy again. New formula infused extracts like argan oil,coco cream and keratin enhance your hair’s natural beauty.

New Palmolive Body Polish

New Palmolive Body Polish contains real kiwifruit and apricot seeds which gently exfoliate for softer, beautifully radiant skin

The formula is infused with naturally derived super fruit extracts containing antioxidant properties. Revitalise your senses every day with the fresh fruity range of Palmolive Body Polish.

Palmolive Oil Infusions #MoisturiserMoment Winners

Thank you to all of those who enterered the #MoisturiserMoment competition on Palmolive Australia and New Zealand’s Instagram and Facebook pages, in celebration of the launch of our Palmolive Oil Infusions Body Moisturisers and supporting range.

Winners have been chosen and are detailed below. Winners will be contacted via social media to claim their prize.

AU$1000 Major Prize Winner:
Kristine Tan, Facebook entry

AU$100 Coles Group & Myer Gift Card (Australia) / Prezzy Card (New Zealand) Prize Winners:

Anna Banana, Facebook entry
eloursnz, Instagram entry
flatshoegirl, Instagram entry, Instagram entry
ireneeades, Instagram entry
momandbear, Instagram entry
mscrisnz, Instagram entry
poppysbabble, Instagram entry
sakubis, Instagram entry
Shannon Wotton, Facebook entry


Limited Edition Palmolive Oil Infusions Bathroom Caddy Winners:

Amanda Bartlett, Facebook entry
Amanda Gorton, Facebook entry
anita_angela_, Instagram entry
annestagram0622, Instagram entry
Anne Lee, Facebook entry
annie90b, Instagram entry
apple781, Instagram entry
Aurora Teresa Deane, Facebook entry
aust_rachel, Instagram entry, Instagram entry
Bianca Bonakey, Instagram entry
Brand Tash de Vries, Facebook entry
c_plus_three, Instagram entry, Instagram entry
Carina Thomas, Facebook entry
candy24mandy, Instagram entry
caroled9, Instagram entry
chanel_phillips, Instagram entry
Corrie Pierce, Facebook entry
cosmoshirls, Instagram entry
dabbledabbledoo, Instagram entry
Dani Seth, Facebook entry
Debbie Dye, Facebook entry
Elena Avery, Facebook entry
Elisabeth Martins, Facebook entry
Esther Ruth, Facebook entry
evelovinglife, Instagram entry
fair_leigh_rose, Instagram entry
finding_myself_young, Instagram entry
Freddie Jay Bee, Facebook entry
Gavin Bolan, Facebook entry
Helen Kovac, Facebook entry
Helen Wood, Facebook entry
helenbaade, Instagram entry
hell0_j0, Instagram entry
hermasterplan, Instagram entry
hollie_azzopardi, Instagram entry
Janette Chaumont, Facebook entry
Jen Stephens, Facebook entry
Jenna Gray, Facebook entry
Jessica Smith, Facebook entry
Jessica Yeo, Facebook entry
jumbolov, Instagram entry
Justin Chapman, Facebook entry
Karina Winter, Facebook entry
Kate Evans, Facebook entry
Kaz Chauvel, Facebook entry
Kerryn Phillips, Facebook entry
Kris Cee, Facebook entry
ladbrookes, Instagram entry
Lauren Turner-Bulokovski, Facebook entry
leannecotte, Instagram entry
lemonsquash86, Instagram entry
Libby Holmsen, Facebook entry
limewithroses, Instagram entry
limvoeung, Instagram entry
lovefromjasmine, Instagram entry
Lutka Suvakorn, Facebook entry
Lynette Bull, Facebook entry
Mae Lemana-Alipo, Facebook entry
Mary Gunawan, Facebook entry
Matthew Thompson, Facebook entry
Melanie Moran, Facebook entry
mellylegiman, Instagram entry
micha_bee, Instagram entry
Michael Kwan, Facebook entry
Michael Tower, Facebook entry
Michelle Morgan, Facebook entry
mickaman, Instagram entry
Misty Lee Stevans, Facebook entry
mumminch, Instagram entry
mumto2lil1s, Instagram entry
mylifeinasquare, Instagram entry
natcaptain, Instagram entry
nibbles_a_lot, Instagram entry
Rachel Amannatidis, Facebook entry
Renee Carnegie, Facebook entry
Rita Maguire, Facebook entry
Robs Tilley, Facebook entry
saltaz, Instagram entry
Sarah Jane Love, Facebook entry
Shardé Nel, Facebook entry
sharneley, Instagram entry
Sheldyn Warwick-Hart, Facebook entry
Skye Danaher, Facebook entry
strangelittlecat, Instagram entry
sunnycoastmum, Instagram entry
sizuewozhere, Instagram entry
Tami Gooch, Facebook entry
Tanya Berglund, Facebook entry
tesha_vc, Instagram entry
Tess Dimitriou, Facebook entry
Theo Pez, Facebook entry
theurbanbloke, Instagram entry
Toni Faint, Facebook entry
Troy Simpson, Facebook entry
Vanya Vanessa, Facebook entry
Veronica Dench, Facebook entry
yellowsky44, Instagram entry
yesterdays_jam71, Instagram entry

To view the T&Cs of the competition, click here: