Palmolive Morning Tonic

Palmolive Morning Tonic

Awaken your senses in your shower! Uplifting citrus notes in a formula infused with Tangerine essential oil and extract of Lemongrass to stimulate your mind and spirit in a blissful shower moment.

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Massaging hands

Use your hands purposefully whilst washing. The gentle pressure of your fingertips will massage your skin and awaken your sense of touch, rubbing away any knots you might find and relaxing your muscles.

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Green has a soothing effect; it relaxes mentally as well as physically, and promotes feelings of peace, harmony and security. It gives the soul positive vibrations, waking the desire for new discoveries. The colour green is considered a source of creativity, which is why a green room has a refreshing, vitalising effect and a regenerating influence on you.

Colour therapy

A world of scents

Discover the fragrance of Palmolive Morning Tonic

Sparkling and refreshing notes of Tangerine and Lemongrass will give you a boost of energy to tackle the day ahead. A veil of freshness to awaken your senses in the shower!

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