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Fabric Conditioner

Fluffy® Concentrate Divine Blends™

Divine Blends™ skillfully combines two divine fragrances to tantalise your senses and bring a splash of life to your laundry!
  • Fluffy® Concentrate Divine Blends™
    Fresh Pear & White Lily
  • Fluffy® Concentrate Divine Blends™
    Lotus Flower & Sea Minerals
  • Fluffy® Concentrate Divine Blends™
    Warm Vanilla & Creamy Coconut
  • Fluffy® Concentrate Divine Blends™
    Orange Flower & Freesia

Fluffy® Concentrate Fragrance TemptationsTM

A touch of everyday luxury is easy to achieve. Pamper yourself and your clothes with the softness and fragrance of Fluffy® Concentrate Fragrance Temptations™.
  • Fluffy® Concentrate Fragrance
    Temptations™ Aqua Desire
  • Fluffy® Concentrate Fragrance
    Temptations™ Floral Enchantment
  • Fluffy® Concentrate Fragrance
    Temptations™ Spice Allure
  • Fluffy® Concentrate Fragrance
    Temptations™ Midnight Rose


Fluffy® brings softness and fragrant sensations to your clothes.
  • Fluffy® Concentrate Summer Breeze

Fluffy® Sachet

Refill your 2L Fluffy® containers with a choice of fragrant 250ml liquid sachets.
  • Fluffy® Summer Breeze Sachet
  • Fluffy® Jasmine Fresh Sachet
  • Fluffy® Spice Allure Sachet

Fluffy® RTU

Ready-to-use Fluffy® Concentrate fabric softener.
  • Fluffy® RTU Jasmine Fresh
  • Fluffy® RTU Summer Breeze
  • Fluffy® RTU White Lavender
  • Fluffy® RTU Vanilla & Coconut

Fluffy® Tumble Dryer Sheets

Make ironing easier, reduce static cling and soften clothes with fragrant Fluffy® Tumble Dryer Sheets.
  • Fluffy® Tumble Dryer Sheets
    Field Flowers

Cuddly® Concentrate

Cuddly® Concentrate fabric conditioner has a rich and creamy formula and consistently delivers beautifully soft, fresh clothes after each wash. It helps to reduce static cling, makes ironing easier and keeps your clothes looking new for longer.

Cuddly® RTU

Ready-to-use Cuddly® Concentrate Fabric Softener.

Cuddly® Sachet

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