Colgate® Dora the Explorer toothbrushes is suitable for children ages 3–5. Its extra soft, curved and multi-height bristles gently clean young teeth and soft gums — even those hard-to-reach areas of the mouth where new teeth are forming and bacteria often hide.

Colgate’s range of children’s toothbrushes feature gradually increasing head and handle sizes and a patented toothpaste-dosing dot to ensure that parents and children use the right amount of toothpaste at every age. They’re designed to grow up with kids.


  • Suitable for supervised, twice daily brushing by children aged 3–5 years
  • Unique toothbrush dosing dot helps measure the recommended amount of toothpaste
  • Extra soft, curved, multi-height bristles to protect baby gums and teeth
  • Small, cushioned oval head to fit comfortably in little mouths
  • Non-slip, cushioned handle for small hands


  • Extra soft bristles