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Cold Power®

Get a brighter and whiter clean. Cold Power® is a premium brand that has been specially formulated to give unbeatable results in cold water.

Cold Power® Smart ShotTM

Cold Power® Smart Shot™ combines the Smart Cap System which gets to the heart of the wash for outstanding results on whites and colours in cold water. Maximum Results, Minimum Fuss.


With its unique formula, Dynamo® guarantees a powerful clean that removes tough stains across your whole wash.


Indulge your senses and let Fab take you on a journey of sensorial delight. Fab gets deep into the fibres of your clothing, leaving your whole wash Fabulously Clean and Fabulously Fragrant.
  • Fab® Sunshine Fresh
  • Fab® Frangipani
  • Fab® Fragrance Temptations™ Spice Allure
  • Fab® Fragrance Temptations™ Gold Obsession
  • Fab® Fragrance Temptations™ Floral Enchantment
  • Fab® Divine Blends™ Pomegranate & Sandalwood
  • Fab® Divine Blends™ Lotus Flower & Sea Minerals
  • Fab® Orchid Blossom Delicates & Wool


Spree makes life easier by working effectively on stains, not on the fabric. Your wash will come out wonderfully clean and smelling beautiful. And at such a great price, why pay more?
  • Spree® Lavender
  • Spree® Jasmine Fresh
  • Spree® Lemon
  • Spree® Summer Breeze


Hurricane Liquid’s formula with active power goes to work on stains. The result is brilliant whites and colours, wash after wash after wash.
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