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Laundry Detergents

Laundry Detergents

Cold Power®

Get a brighter and whiter clean. Cold Power® is a premium brand that has been specially formulated to give unbeatable results in cold water.


With its unique formula, Dynamo® guarantees a powerful clean that removes tough stains across your whole wash.


Indulge your senses and let Fab take you on a journey of sensorial delight. Fab gets deep into the fibres of your clothing, leaving your whole wash Fabulously Clean and Fabulously Fragrant.
  • Fab® Sunshine Fresh
  • Fab® Frangipani
  • Fab® Fragrance Temptations™ Spice Allure
  • Fab® Fragrance Temptations™ Gold Obsession
  • Fab® Fragrance Temptations™ Floral Enchantment
  • Fab® Divine Blends™ Pomegranate & Sandalwood
  • Fab® Divine Blends™ Lotus Flower & Sea Minerals
  • Fab® Orchid Blossom Delicates & Wool


Spree makes life easier by working effectively on stains, not on the fabric. Your wash will come out wonderfully clean and smelling beautiful. And at such a great price, why pay more?
  • Spree® Lavender
  • Spree® Jasmine Fresh
  • Spree® Lemon
  • Spree® Summer Breeze


Hurricane Liquid’s formula with active power goes to work on stains.
The result is brilliant whites and colours, wash after wash after wash.

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