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Ajax® Spray n' Wipe®

Ajax® Spray n’ Wipe® cuts through grease and grime whilst leaving a pleasant fragrance.

Ajax® Spray n' Wipe® Multipurpose Wipes

Ajax® Spray n’ Wipe® Wipes are easy to lift out and allow you to tackle spills without having to stop what you’re doing.
  • Ajax® Spray n’ Wipe® Basin & Toilet Wipes
  • Ajax® Spray n’ Wipe® Antibacterial Wipes

Ajax ® Professional

Ajax® Professional - a range of cleaning products with power formulas that are targeted by room or job. Look how easy it is.

Ajax® Spray n’ Wipe® Divine Blends

Experience our new Ajax Spray n’ Wipe Divine BlendsTM range.
  • Ajax® Spray n’ Wipe Divine Blends
    Orange Mountain Blossom
  • Ajax® Spray n’ Wipe Divine Blends
    Violet & Apple Blossom


Make household cleaning easier than ever with products you can depend on from top brand Ajax®.


Nifti® All Purpose Cleaner Spray dissolves tough dirt and grease with ease. Just spray on and wipe off to remove dirt, grease, grime and scuff marks. Simply spray onto surface then wipe clean with a damp sponge or cloth.
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